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Sherry Briick 815-651-0045

Tara Bernier 815-666-3987


We specialize in family, high school seniors, sports and boudoir photography. 


Sitting fee of $150 for up to 6 people. $25 each additional person. Sessions typically are 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the amount of people. Non-refundable session fee is required at the time of booking.


We offer a flash drive of your session for $100 with all of your edited images (approximately 15-20) that are printable up to 8x10. If you purchase the digital images, you will also be able to download them directly from our website without a logo that is printable up to 8x10.


Flash drive only available for purchase after a minimum print purchase of $350 is made. Additional flash drives are $50.


If you were interested in a package that does not require a minimum print purchase, we offer a digital package for $450 that includes your session fee and images downloaded from our website that are printable up to 8x10.


High School Senior and Boudoir sessions:

Both are digital packages for $450. They include your session as well as your digital images downloaded from the website printable up to 8x10. These packages include approximately 20-30 edited images up to three outfit changes.


Your edited images include color as well as black and white images.


8.5% sales tax will be applied to any products purchased.


We also carry gift certificates. Contact us to purchase a gift certificate to give as a gift that will be treasured for a life time.


Pricing is subject to change.


                            Matboard Print                   Gallery Block                      Canvas


8x10                           $35                                    $140                            $120

8x12                           $40                                    $155                              n/a

10x10                         $45                                     n/a                              $130

10x20                         $70                                    $200                            $180

10x30                        $110                                    n/a                                n/a

11x14                         $60                                    $180                            $160

12x12                         $65                                    $170                            $150

12x16                         $75                                     n/a                              $170

12x18                         $90                                    $200                            $180

12x24                         $110                                   n/a                               n/a

12x36                         $155                                   n/a                              $325

15x30                         $165                                   n/a                               n/a

16x16                         $140                                  $280                            $260

16x20                         $175                                  $315                            $295

16x24                         $200                                  $330                            $310

18x24                         $210                                    n/a                             $325

20x20                         $210                                  $330                            $310

20x24                         $240                                  $370                            $350

20x30                         $260                                  $420                            $400

20x40                         $320                                   n/a                                n/a

20x60                          n/a                                     n/a                              $630

24x24                         $275                                  $420                              n/a

24x30                         $300                                  $490                             $470

24x36                         $345                                  $580                             $560

30x30                         $345                                    n/a                              $590

30x40                         $425                                    n/a                              $630

32x48                          n/a                                      n/a                              $660

36x36                          n/a                                      n/a                              $750



Please note that not all sizes are compatible with all images. These are typically your non-standard sizes. Standard sizes are 8x12, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30 & 24x36. Non-standard sizes may involve some cropping.


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